Teaching Information

I like working with students of all ages but am not my best with those under 7 years. I especially enjoy working with beginners or people feeling vulnerable about singing. I am compassionate and fun, playful, bossy and knowledgeable. I love taking people on a journey from "non-singing" to a place where they are comfortable singing in front of others and enjoy joining a choir and / or performing.

Lessons are 45 minutes long and you will get the best results by committing to coming weekly.

As summertime approaches lots of lesson times are available during the day Monday - Saturday.

$60 adults per 45 mins. $40 for kids and fulltime students with ID.


Students can expect to learn:

  • how to warm up your voice for safety and flexibility
  • how to breathe in a powerful way for singing
  • how to look after your throat
  • how to use the strength in your body to support your voice
  • how to be in tune
  • how to relax and experience joy
  • how to harmonize and hold your part
  • how to create a beautiful, attractive sound
  • how to improve your sense of rhythm
  • how to use your voice to connect with others
  • how to use your voice to express emotions in a way that touches and audience
  • mic technique
  • performance experience if you want (strongly encouraged)
  • how to support yourself mentally to sing with confidence
  • how to read music (if you’re interested)
  • how to play an instrument and sing at the same time